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What’s in a logo?

What’s In a Logo?

Acupuncture centre mumbles logo
Our new website has given us the opportunity to unveil the new visual identity for The Acupuncture Centre Mumbles, which we have commissioned from Cardiff based designer Dale Johnson ( as part of the transfer of ownership of the practice, in 2015 and as a symbol of the new beginning.

Using a soft dark green as the main colour, the typography is subtly oriental and the icon we have chosen is based on the plum blossom, one of the Three Friends of Winter in traditional Chinese paintings, along with bamboo and pine. As the first flower to bloom in Spring each year, the plum blossom represents renewal, perserverance and purity.

We believe that the new branding suggests a fresh new beginning, but one which is rooted in traditional Chinese medical principles, underlining our commitment to the future of The Acupuncture Centre Mumbles.