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Two Years On

Two Years On…

needling patient at Acupuncture Mumbles clinic
It hardly seems possible that is it now two years since Jo and I took over the practice here at The Acupuncture Centre! It’s been a hectic and extremely time, and we’re both delighted to report that the centre is as busy as ever. We’re grateful that so many former clients of Isobel Cosgrove and Tim Davis have chosen to remain to have treatment with us, and also that the reputation of The Acupuncture Centre continues to attract a steady stream of new patients.

It’s gratifying that more and more people in Wales, as all over the world, are turning to traditional acupuncture as an alternative or complementary way of caring for their health, and there is increasing evidence of its efficacy in a number of painful and debilitating chronic conditions. Traditional acupuncture gently balances the body’s energies, helping to alleviate symptoms and promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. There is increasingly strong evidence from clinical trials showing its effectiveness in treating such diverse conditions as low back pain, osteoarthritis of the knee, nausea and migraines. It is considered suitable for all ages, and can be safely used alongside conventional medical treatment.

Jo and I are both members of the British Acupuncture Council and we continue to keep up with new developments by attending regular CPD courses and professional research seminars and conferences. Last year, for example, Gwenan attended a Traditional Japanese Medicine Masterclass in London, while Jo has been studying acupuncture for pain relief. We are both honing our understanding and practice of guasha (a form of press-stroking which is a brilliant adjunct to acupuncture for clearing heat and stagnation from the tissues and boosting immunity) by studying with Arya Nielsen, the leading Western exponent of this ancient Chinese art.

There has been some turnover of other practitioners working at the centre during the year, although our long-standing colleagues, craniosacral therapist Colin Perrow and psychotherapist John Brett, both continue to practice here each week.
Rachel Parkyn, who started teaching Mindfulness Meditation here in October 2015, is now running two sessions each month, on a Thursday evening.
We have also recently been joined by osteopath Lois Morgan, who is here on a Friday morning. Sadly, however, physiotherapist Molly Mallari’s neurological rehabilitation practice has developed in a direction which means that she no longer needs premises in Mumbles. Our very best wishes to her, she will be missed here at The Acupuncture Centre.