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You’re never too young for acupuncture!

You’re never too young for acupuncture!

As a gentle holistic treatment, traditional acupuncture is suitable for all ages, including babies and children, and in fact Gwenan has a particular interest in this area (and holds a diploma in Paediatric Acupuncture).

Acupuncture can work really quickly in children – one parent recently said “I found that acupuncture treatments almost had an immediate effect on [my child’s] health and emotions…she is like a different child”.

Combined with other related therapeutic techniques, such as acupressure and massage, acupuncture is very safe and effective – and, once they’ve had one treatment, most children are perfectly happy to return and actually find the sessions enjoyable.

Acupuncture needles are extremely fine – no bigger than a human hair – and insertion is quick and painless. Also, needles are not retained when treating children, so that the actual needling part of the session is over in seconds!